Monday, March 26, 2012

Bourgeois Murder Is Okay

When the Republicans gained complete control in Wisconsin, one of their first acts was to enact a law called the "Castle Doctrine."  The law has been cited as the justification for the cold blooded murder of a 20-year-old man.  A homeowner had called police about an hour prior to the shooting complaining of a loud, underage drinking party nearby.  When police had come a second time the party, the underage drinkers fled.  One hid on the porch of that homeowners house.  That homeowner got his weapon, didn't attempt contact with the police, and shot the youth in cold blood.  More of the story can be read here.

For reasons I cannot understand, they weren't releasing the cold blooded murderer's name.  His name is Adam Kind.  Of course gun nuts will claim that they are all responsible and don't seek out people to kill in cold blood.  And to be frank, I really don't have a big hang up with guns.  I have had a loaded gun pointed at me.  I do however think cold blooded murderers should be punished.

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