Monday, May 28, 2012

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The nice thing about the blogosphere is when it takes you somewhere new.  It all started at El Blog Del Pelon.  It move to here.  And finally I end up at a post titled, "Craven."  The journey starts with a discussion on Christian art, and it ends with a discussion of misandric themes in "Courageous."  I had the displeasure of watching Courageous.  I don't like preachy films, and I didn't really like this one.  (I saw "The Way" since so many people said it wasn't preachy but that ended up being a thinly plotted tale of preachy-ness.)

I'm to the point where I believe that if you don't like messiness, you don't like life.  Real life is messy unless you are rich and comfortable.  I don't like contemplating how well off people finally get over the one misfortune or mistake in their lives.  I like messy.  I like messed up characters who take one or two steps back for every step they take forward.  I like seeing the story of the person who, no matter how depraved, shows a spark of decency.

I celebrated my twelve year wedding anniversary yesterday.  Looking around, I'm quite thankful for the woman I married.  I'm thankful for the children I have begotten.  However, I don't think I could advise those children in good faith to wed and have children.  Not in this society.

Reading this was a great reminder of the view of women.  Maybe, just maybe, we can accept that women at least have a token of responsibility for out-of-wedlock birth.  Maybe, just maybe, we can accept that women are having children out-of-wedlock because they want to do so.  I'll grant that many women will confess that they would have preferred another route, but when it comes down to brass tacks they made what they thought was a prudent choice for them.

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