Friday, July 20, 2012

On Guns Briefly

Before this massive shooting, I had basically resolved myself to the position that we should examine disarming the police.  Specifically, I thought a large caliber rifle for the squad car, even a high capacity one, should be sufficient.  By removing hand guns, my belief was that police officers would be less reluctant to place themselves in situations where one would be necessary.  This is turn would make the police less confrontational.  Time would solve more issues..

With the shooting in Colorado, the debate about guns has begun again.  I tend to be ambivalent on the topic.  I think supporters of gun control tend to be correct that guns are antisocial, and I think they are correct in their constitutional interpretation that guns are a corporate rather than individual right, despite claims by the Supreme Court otherwise.  I also think opponents of gun control tend to be correct that gun control laws have their most pronounced affect on the law abiding.  However, I'm coming around to the belief that prior efforts toward gun control were sabotaged.  I'm coming around to the belief that success can be had if it is willed.

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